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Homeless Shelters

With every individual that is in distress, there are three basic needs that must be met first. They are food, shelter and safety.  Without these three items in place nothing else matters. KRM has been providing the first item, food, since its inception in 2009.  In 2011 we took a bigger roll to meet the other two basic need of shelter and safety.

Fresh Start

 Our Fresh Start Program for men began in March of 2011, with two men who had been working with the Mission for several months. Since that time we have expanded this program to house eight men who where clean and sober and work ready.  The men work four hours a day for the Mission if they are not employed and the remainder of the time they seek employment.  Now we have been given a grant that will allow us to take in men who are not work ready and help them through there addictions, legal entanglements, family problems and other areas for their lives that keep them from successfully acquire and maintain a job. Our whole person approach will help them become restored in mind, body and spirit.

Fresh Start is made possible in part with support from 
the Honeywell Charitable Fund
 of the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

New Winter Day Warming Center! **NEW**
The Day Warming Center was a real success and we had over 150 individuals that used it and we averaged about 20 people every day.  We offered clothing and showers on Tuesday and Thursday along with snacks and coffee every day.  Breakfast and lunch were available at the Salvation Army just a block away.  We also had TV, games, books available.  Each Saturday morning a bible study was offered to those who wished to participate.  Connections to other services were available and opportunities for men to apply for our Fresh Start Program.

Over Night Shelter
KRM is now working with a number of agencies and individuals to develop a temporary overnight shelter for anyone seeking a place.  This will fill the gap we have for men, women and children seeking shelter when no other agency is open or available.  It will be an opportunity to have individuals get connected to available resources and allow them the opportunity of having a warm, safe environment to rest while waiting for other resources to take effect.  The shelter will be operated on the same model as Kitsap Department of Emergency Management's Winter Emergency Shelter but this shelter will be open every night. If you would like to Volunteer at the Shelter just download the Volunteer Application and send it to KRM, P.O. Box 1497, Bremerton, WA 98337, we will contact you about training.


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