Car & Truck Donation

Donate Your Vehicle To Help People Experiencing Homelessness

The Kitsap Rescue Mission happily accepts car or truck donations for auction. The vehicles must have a clear title and be in running condition. Vehicles in safe running condition are auctioned through Stokes Auction in Port Orchard. 

If you have another type of vehicle you would like to donate please email

To donate a running vehicle:
  • Download and fill out the Vehicle Donation Form. E-mail it to us at or mail it to KRM. Stokes Auction does not retain donor information for KRM.
    Please let us know who you are so that we can properly thank you!

  • Take the vehicle to Stokes Auction, or contact Nathan Sylling at (360) 900-3122 for vehicle pick up. If you deliver the vehicle yourself, be sure to tell them you are donating it for KRM.

  • After the auction, we will send you a donation receipt and thank you letter stating how much the vehicle sold for.

To donate a non-running vehicle:
  • We partner with Chico Towing to handle removal of non-running vehicles. All requests must be made through Kitsap Rescue Mission for pickup. If you have a non-running vehicle you would like to donate, please call Nathan Sylling at (360) 900-3122 or e-mail