Donate to the Mission 

Did you know that, across the state of Washington, more than 2000 homeless people are sheltered in AGRM-affiliated shelters like ours each night of the year? And have you heard the latest statistics about Homelessness in Kitsap County?  Our point in time count has revealed that we have had a 30% rise in homelessness and a 100% rise in the number of unsheltered homeless in our County. These are alarming statistics! So what can we do about it?


For individuals in distress, there are three basic needs that must be met before any other efforts for restoration can begin to take effect.  They are food, shelter and safety.  Without these three items in place nothing else matters.  And that's where we start: providing meals, a Dayroom, and an Overnight Shelter where men, women, and children can find safe harbor.  


From there, we build relationships that we hope will be the stepping-stone to providing long-term help and full life restoration through our Fresh Start Program that will begin when the building is done.  


Do you have a friend or family member that you want to give a gift but just don't know what to get them? We have a solution, you can give a gift to the Mission in honor of that person and send them a card that we will provide you. 


Contact our Administrative Assistant or call our office at (360) 373-3428 and ask for Ann. She will send you a card you can present to the person that shows the gift that was given.